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This website is primarily about style. For everyone. People have been misunderstanding it as glorifying being overweight. It does not do that. Go here for more information.

I can only write from my perspective: I am a fat girl who likes clothes. I think I know what suits my frame and I do not find enough of it in shops. I’m bored of ill-fitting clothes in styles and materials which aren’t suitable. I’m bored of polyester. And I’m bored of having to buy all my clothes online. This website isn’t just about being too fat to shop on the high street though, it’s about the changing sizes of women today and how the high street needs to reflect that.

Above all, I just love to see people really wearing their clothes and enjoying their style. No matter what your shape, tall, short, fat, medium, busty, bottom-y*, whatever, you deserve good clothes.

That’s all for now.

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    October 5, 2010 - 7:20 pm | Permalink

    To cut (at least one) long comment short: haters gunna hate. That’s the top and bottom of it.

    Apparently because a lady is on the larger side, this obviously excludes her from ever commenting on the severe lack of attractive clothing made in sizes for her shape without it turning into a statement that FAT IS FIT or something like that. It is completely ridiculous. I am, as you know, of the fatty persuasion myself, and I do not believe that fashion conscious women are relegated merely to the skinny or ‘normal’, and thus, this shape should not dictate how clothes are created and marketed. The fact is that people are fat. In Britain the obesity levels are alarming at best, but that does not mean that women who are overweight should be punished for being so. The way the highstreet works, means that these women cannot dress in a way that makes them feel confident: a fact which may will compound their distress over their size and appearance and in some cases, make the situation worse through comfort eating.

    I have always been big and have had to be very careful about picking clothes to flatter my shape and boost my assets, but I find that clothes which have been specifically been made for larger women do none of these. I particularly enjoyed your post on Evans: it is where style goes to die and it really needn’t be the case.

    Clothes make you feel good, they can make you feel sexy when nothing else can, and it is positivity which acts as the catalyst for so many women to lose weight. Unhappiness and desperation leads to crash diets and binging, and it is unhappiness which people do not seem to consider when making comments about blogs such as yours “glorifying unhealthy lifestyles”. Not once would I say “Hey, girl, I know you’re a size 24 but you can still buy dresses so how about another cake?”… making beautiful clothes in lager sizes will not make people fatter. It will make people that wee bit happier, and that is what is important: happiness and health, and tailoring clothes with boobs, bums, and squidgy tums in mind is not going to affect either one negatively.

    Furthermore, big women are not always fat women, I happen to be nearly six foot with more than sizable breasts and the widest ribcage ever present in a female. Add to that a very broad back and shoulders and most things with buttons on in the likes of H&M are a complete no-go, unless someone wants to loose an eye. Not one thing to do with my squidgy tummy and expansive rear. Just look at the recent furor over Christina Hendricks. Most people (men and women) adore her but there are some who claim she is doing women a disservice by showing them its okay to be ‘fat’ or ‘big’. Have any of these celery sticks seen that women? There is only fat where there should be fat and it wiggles, not flaps. She is a tremendous looking woman, and it is more worrying that we live in a culture which can label her as anything other than stunning (and even go the whole hog and claim she is representing an unhealthy, damaging lifestyle) than living in one which makes nice dresses for pudgy birds.

    I have obviously babbled for far too long on your time, my dearest Rosalind, but I agree with you completely and felt that such a torrent was necessary to illustrate that fact. Mwah.


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