This one is difficult

It’s been over a week since I last posted. This has been playing on my mind a lot and I think I’m ready to make sense of what I’ve been thinking about.

Firstly, the next time someone has something less than positive to say I will try and learn from the experiences of last week. Of course I need to be more prepared for negativity. I will say that I’m only human though, and just because I bought some webspace and wrote a blog, doesn’t mean that I’m immune to shit being flung. For a moment I was surfing a wave of positivity and I know it had to end at some point.

I’m going to permanently link to this post on the front page, and rather than get involved in  pointless slanging matches, I’ll direct people here. It’s much better that way. I have to attempt to protect my feelings in all of this.


This blog is not about my weight. That is no one else’s concern but my own. Without getting too intense, I know that I need to lose weight, and I’m handling that. I’m not happy with the way I look now and I’m changing that, but in the meantime the solution is not to dress myself in clothing that is going to make me feel worse. I will always be big. I’m 6ft tall. I am striving to be healthy at my natural size. I have not found that yet, but I will.

Health is the important thing here. Nowhere have I, or will I, advocate people jeopardising their health. This is not a blog about praising the notion of being ‘fat’, I’m attempting to challenge it.

This blog is for people who find that their size is not catered for on the high street, for people who believe that the sizes available to women in shops are not indicative of the body shape of today’s woman. I’m not just talking fat here, how can I be? Is that the only body shape there is? Of course not. I’m talking tall (the range of clothing for tall woman is appalling. Stay tuned for more on that one), I’m talking curvy (is Bravissimo the only shop offering tailoring solutions for busty women?).

Whatever shape you are, you deserve good clothes. That’s it.