New Year Hiatus and lots of lovely news

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote. The most important thing being that I moved house. Thank goodness. I’m now living on my own (for the first time!) in a lovely flat.

Christmas came and went and I received (amongst other things) the coat and the weird print dress I mentioned in this post and this lovely dress.

Grey tie waisted dress

Things I want to get

This month I’m going to attempt to buy something from eShakti via my friend in the US. I’ve read some very, very mixed reviews on the internet. Some people say they’re amazing, other people warn you off pretty vehemently, but I would like to see for myself, since their clothes are so lovely.  I just can’t resist that $7.50 custom sizing fee either, it’s very tempting indeed.

And finally, something I am super excited about! My favourite weekly fashion magazine Grazia, featured something from! I actually saw the photo and thought, “Ooh, that’ll be nice for people of a regular size to wear” and the I realised where it was from. It’s gorgeous. Sadly I’m not sure how I would be able to wear it, but it’s really pretty.

This would be great for apple shapes, but I’m not sure how I could make it work with something waisted. it seems a shame to tuck it into a pencil skirt (not that I can find one anyway), but I guess that would work. Or perhaps I could belt it.

Let’s not get too carried away with though. Don’t forget this is still the same people failing to make clothes for Evans. The skirt selection is still depressingly lacking in anything wearable whatsoever. So much so that I think I will give up the search and one is bound to appear. Instead I’ll buy this.

Everything I’ve found seems to be pretty neutral in grey, muted tones. There are refreshing zings of colour in a designer I’ve found online, though. The gorgeous Jibri. The clothes are really diverse, plus they are designed and catagorised in seasons so it’s easy to see the creative inspiration and vibe of each piece in context. That’s not something you get to witness much in plus size fashion.

There is an abundance of grey again, sorry about that.

Look at how much fun this is! Primary colours!

Simple. Flattering. Awesome.

This means business. Like all of these designs, it’s super flattering for an hourglass figure and the fabric somehow manages to be modern and retro. I’m not sure how, but it’s nailed it.

This is elegance in dress form. Need I say more?

Voluminous skirt and figure hugging skirt is a pretty classic combination and it’s easy to see why with this outfit.

A lot the photography on this site is striking and really sets off the clothing. I love how she manages to make classic shapes in an edgy way. There are too many awesome pieces to showcase here, so take look at the website.

That’s all from me at the moment. I’ve waffled enough.

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