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Sometimes it feels like all I do is moan (but then H+M makes me happy)

It really does. I log on here and let rip about why everything is crap. Sometimes I get excited when I see nice things, but for the most part I am exasperated and frustrated at the lack of (flattering) choice out there for plus women. Without wanting to get into the debate as to why read more »

New Year Hiatus and lots of lovely news

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote. The most important thing being that I moved house. Thank goodness. I’m now living on my own (for the first time!) in a lovely flat. Christmas came and went and I received (amongst other things) the coat and the weird print dress I mentioned in this read more »

Dollars and Sense

It is with a great amount of excitement that I say this: Are getting good?  I took a little turn around their website a few days ago and found a bewilderingly large amount of stuff that I actually want. It is, I believe, what is referred to as ‘sods law’ that I can’t afford read more »

Oops. I get back into it with Asos Curve and Swimming

Well shame on me. I let my emotions get the better of me and have neglected this site for over a month. I’m sorry. Never let it be said that I can’t highlight the negative in a sea of positivity. Anyway, no matter what size I am, I still need to wear clothes. Ever since read more »

Custom made and perfect

Good day to you all. This entry is all about custom/handmade/one of a kind clothing. I’ll be suggesting some extremely talented ladies to look at and also giving you a few pros and cons about ordering one of a kind. Though to be honest, it is, as our friends in America would say, a ‘no-brainer’. read more »