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H+M Inclusive Line

So. It’s been a while. I highly doubt that anyone has been devastated at my silence, but I would like to explain. I recently moved house and haven’t got a proper net connection set up at home yet. I’ve been working two jobs as well as attempting to also have a life. I’m down to read more »

Sometimes it feels like all I do is moan (but then H+M makes me happy)

It really does. I log on here and let rip about why everything is crap. Sometimes I get excited when I see nice things, but for the most part I am exasperated and frustrated at the lack of (flattering) choice out there for plus women. Without wanting to get into the debate as to why read more »


I almost cried in work yesterday. It was nothing work-related, no family, friend or boyfriend trouble, it was because I’d just found the most exciting clothing website, and I was quite literally finding it hard to keep my cheeks dry. I have a weird¬†and quirky sense of style. I’m not talking¬†patchwork trousers weird, or animal read more »

What’s a (fat) girl to do?

There has been a lot of talk around the ‘fatshion’ revolution over the past few months. Vogue even has it’s own ‘curvy’ section. Admittedly you are ‘curvy’ in Vogue’s mind when you exceed a UK size 12, but I’m happy they are even considering the possibility that fat girls might like style. It’s not really read more »