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Polka WHAT?

Polka dots. Ever since I got fat I have had a problem with polka dots. I’m not saying it’s rational, it probably isn’t, but whenever I see a polka dotted dress in a plus size, I always imagine the designer saying “Hey, big girls are bubbly, right? So lets put them in something fun, like read more »

So Fabulous! Try and look past the awful name.

I’ve spoken before about the awkward, sometimes patronising names that companies come up with for their plus size ranges, and’s So Fabulous! (with exclamation mark. No kidding) is possibly the front runner in the patronising stakes. Apparently, even if you’re fat you can still be fabulous! WHO KNEW? Oh, everyone. Right. The So Fabulous! read more »

My response (months later) to Polly Vernon’s Grazia article

Okay, okay, I know I’m months out of date, but I did rip out and keep the Polly Vernon article I’m about to write about, so I must have felt it was important. I think it’s fair to say that Polly Vernon caused quite the stink with this article, written for the Guardian in September read more »

On the subject of bras…

I have a confession. I wear non-wired bras. There. It will come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I have pretty large breasts. If you’d have told me three or four years ago that I would be at my most comfortable and (I think) best-boob-shaped in a non-wired bra then I read more »